Sep 252014
Sharing iPad Visuals in Class Presentations

Jodene Fine knows the value of getting inside a person’s head. As an assistant professor specializing in neuropsychological functioning in educational contexts, Dr. Fine teaches classes that explore learning and behavior through a range of biological and social perspectives. Exploring brain anatomy and microscopic neurological processes are crucial elements in her courses, and powerful visuals play a key [...]

Apr 152014
Synchromodal Support for Deaf Students

Creating opportunities for meaningful interactions is one of the most important goals of many courses. Supporting students with disabilities is simply another opportunity for providing creative learning solutions to enable these meaningful interactions for everyone. A case in point is our work with a synchromodal course (including face-to-face and online students in the same learning [...]

Dec 092013
Synchromodal Committee Meetings

Supporting Dissertation committee interactions via videoconferencing Michelle Schira Hagerman (a new EPET PhD … congratulations Michelle!) approached the Design Studio a couple of weeks before her dissertation defense. She had 4 faculty members on her Committee but one member was unable to be physically present. Michelle had used the videoconferencing app GoToMeeting before and she wondered if it could be used [...]

Nov 022013
Review: Round Table on Alternating-Hybrids and Flipped Classes in the College of Education

Round Table on Alternating-Hybrids and Flipped Classes in the College of Education On Tuesday October 29th, the CEPSE/COE Design Studio hosted a roundtable on alternating-hybrids and flipped classes in the College of Education at Michigan State University. Dr. Punya Mishra and Dr. Danah Henriksen  from the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program, Dr. Kristy Cooper from [...]