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Virtual Guest Speakers in COE Classes

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May 072013

“It’s been a great way to bring in outside expertise that spans beyond my own, and to introduce students to people who are widely published that would be very difficult to access otherwise (talking with a professor in a small virtual environment beats rushing the podium after a session at a conference!)”  – Ken Frank


Prof. Ken Frank (top right of the SMART Board) guides two groups of students (in East Lansing and Ann Arbor) as they listen to a guest presenter speaking from Cambridge, MA.

A great opportunity with technology today is the ability to bring colleagues and experts from other institutions right into your own classes. Ken Frank has been doing this very thing over the last two semesters, engaging his students with colleagues from places across the US like Duke or the University of Chicago, and from as far away as Berlin and Nicaragua. Doing so has helped Ken build on his own connections with people to help his students get to meet key people in their fields as well as to gain exposure to unfolding ideas and research as it is happening.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.19.12 AM

A screenshot of the GoToMeeting interface between participants.

Would you like to give it a try? The CEPSE/COE Design Studio is glad to provide the support needed to make it happen in your class, either as a one-time event or throughout the semester. Just let us know!

The easiest way to begin is to schedule 452 when you need it, and then let us know what you would like to do. All that the people need at the other end is a decent Internet connection, and a computer or iPad with a microphone, speaker, and webcam. In addition, we can record these sessions and even let remote people participate in these sessions.