Jan 182016
Watch how robotic telepresence is transforming Hybrid students’ engagement in educational settings beyond the classroom

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Make no mistake – in terms of synchronous hybrid learning, these are exciting times for EPET and the Design Studio.

Over the past year, members of the Design Studio have worked with faculty and students to explore and understand the impact of robotic telepresence technologies for learning and instruction. Our experiences (see our previous Video Spotlight with Dr. Christine Greenhow) have given us new insights on how to support our Hybrid students with greater presence and autonomy in the classroom. And to be honest, students coming to class on robots is just plain cool! But what about using these technologies outside of class?

In our latest Design Studio Video Spotlight, we continue our look at robotic telepresence in education with an interview with Dr. Punya Mishra and members of the Deep-Play research group. How have robots made an impact beyond the classroom? As doctoral candidate and Deep-Play researcher Rohit Mehta puts it, “It becomes more engaging, you feel more connected, and the funny thing is, when you meet [the Hybrid students] at conferences, you feel you are just continuing the discussion.”

Cool connections, indeed!

Click the image above and watch our latest Video Spotlight to find out more!

Do you need to do something similar or does this spotlight spark an idea for something you’d like to try? Come see us in the Design Studio (401b Erickson Hall) or contact us at dstudio@msu.edu. We’d love to be a part of what you do!