Virtual Flex Classroom


2014-09-02 09.13.50

Room 132: The “Virtual Flex Classroom”

  • Virtual: virtually expanding the classroom so anyone can join shared learning experiences whether on campus or online
  • Flex: supporting a wide range of pedagogical strategies

Why this approach?

  • Enriches the learning experiences of both on campus and online students
  • Enables access to everything that happens in the room
    • Greater number of cameras = more in-class coverage of activities
    • The more the space can be “digitized”, the greater the access for online students, e.g. collaborating on whiteboard activities
  • Expands the virtual space of the classroom
    • All furniture on wheels = flexible class designs to support a wide range strategies and needs
    • Telepresence devices like Kubi and Double gives online students freedom to move about the room

2014-09-10 14.19.06


  • More software solutions for communications = easier upgrades to more effective technologies
  • 4 80” monitors
  • Cameras for videoconferencing each small group work station
  • Mac mini computers for each small group work station
  • Flexible tilting & rotating mounts for most monitors and devices

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