Sep 252014

Fine_FS2014_Rm132_ipad and ppt_550px

Jodene Fine knows the value of getting inside a person’s head. As an assistant professor specializing in neuropsychological functioning in educational contexts, Dr. Fine teaches classes that explore learning and behavior through a range of biological and social perspectives. Exploring brain anatomy and microscopic neurological processes are crucial elements in her courses, and powerful visuals play a key role. Yet some of the most useful tools she likes to use in her teaching are on her iPad, a device with a screen too small for sharing in class. What’s an instructor to do?

IMG_0187Using technology in the newly refurbished Rm. 132 in Erickson Hall, Jodene is able to display her iPad on the room’s 80″ monitors. The set-up allows her to show her PowerPoints and video on one monitor, while showing the screen of her iPad on another monitor. The side-by-side configuration means students can see presentation content and iPad-based visuals at the same time.

Jodene uses a mixture of slides, videos, books, models, and images from her iPad apps during her lectures, often switching between media as she and her students cover the finer details of neurophysiology. Her apps include the FINR Brain Atlas and 3-D Brain. Jodene’s iPad stays connected to the monitor for the whole class, allowing her to manipulate images and bring up information quickly in response to student questions.

Fine_FS2014_Rm132_watching displays with students_300pxAs Jodene puts it, “The technical capabilities of the room have enhanced my ability to communicate very complex ideas related to neuroanatomy. Much of what I teach is 3-dimensional, so being able to use atlases that provide 3-D images, in conduction with more detailed text-laden flat images, is helping students retain information better. The more ways I can show and tell, the better they will learn.”

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